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The library media program will provide a framework of library skills needed to ensure that all Johnson High School learners are effective users of information.  Users will be able to access literature, evaluate and synthesize information, produce critical and creative works in an efficient, effective, and ethical manner.




 Free Ebooks 


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Access to Britannica E-Books is easy and comes with options.

  • Click on Britannica in the Library Quick Links and use the username/password authentication below.  Or download the iPublishCentral Reader for offline use. You will have the option after you login to your bookshelf to read either online or offline.  Once you login on a particular device you will not need to login again.
  • Can also click on the banner above and it will take you to the page for login authentication with the same username and password below.
  • After downloading the spreadsheet you can click on the individual titles to go directly to that particular book.   

Account logins:   

Password:  ebooks


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 Free Audios 


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Free Audio Books





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Language Learning

Babbel is offering three months of free language learning to U.S. students through mid-June 2020 in any of its languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Indonesian, and English.   


Chicken Soup for the Soul, in partnership with American Humane, is promoting a line of free digital books for students, titled Humane Heroes, that share stories of animal rescue, rehabilitation and humane conservation undertaken at leading zoological institutions, as well as 18 literacy-based social-emotional learning lessons, targeting students in grades 4, 7 and 10. 

Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopaedia Britannica is offering all schools and students free access to its "LaunchPacks" science and social studies learning content. The sets are intended for students in K-12 and provide articles, images, videos and primary sources of information, presented in an "engaging interface," optimized for smart devices. The resources are translated into multiple languages. 


LEGO is sharing design simple challenges. The company has assembled LEGO designers, creatives and play experts to come up with new ways to help families "stay creative, curious and connected" while at home. Daily play challenges, new play ideas and live build-a-longs are being shared in photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #LetsBuildTogether and at  

Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU Live is free for anyone to tune in and play. To play go to Breakout EDU at 11 am pt / 2 pm et.

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Laredo Public Library’s Digital Library

e-Cards are available for you to enjoy Laredo Public Library’s Digital Library. 

Their digital library includes services like Hoopla which gives you access to

Movies and Music along with comics, audio and e-books.  

Register for an e-Card TODAY! 

*Please allow 24 hours after registration*


NoRedInk is dedicated to supporting you as you navigate how to teach effectively during this unpredictable and important time. We’ve always provided free access to a portion of NoRedInk, and we’re expanding our free offering today in light of COVID-19. Here's what you can count on from us — regardless of whether your school is open or closed — for the rest of the school year:

  • Hundreds of free practice topics that allow your students to work independently toward mastery on a host of important writing, language, and critical thinking skills.
  • Effective today, free access to our entire Premium Guided Drafts suite, which scaffolds the writing process for students as they craft their essays. All rubric items are fully customizable, and you can assign writing across a wide variety of genres.
  • Free access to NoRedInk's Quick Writes, a lightweight, low-friction way to get students writing regularly across the curriculum.
  • Effective Wednesday, free access to NoRedInk’s Premium progress tracking, allowing you to assign curriculum and track student growth by state and national standards. 

We've also created this guide to using NoRedInk during school closures to help you ensure that your students continue improving their writing skills while learning remotely.

NoRedInk Free Writing Activities

Visit NoRedInk



Follett has waived the cost for current Destiny customers through Jun. 30, 2020 for its "Classroom Ready Collections." These are pre-K-12 learning standards-aligned, educator-curated open educational resources with lesson plans, activities, videos and worksheets. The company reported that more than 2,300 free CRC licenses have been activated in less than a week. 

Minecraft (Microsoft)

Minecraft (Microsoft) is making Minecraft Education Edition available free to teachers through June 2020. They need to have a valid Office 365 Education account. There's a brief educator quick-start guide that includes a set of "curriculum kits," projects that can be implemented with students working remotely. The Minecraft Education Challenge invites students to learn about sustainability and inclusion, and then to design projects using Minecraft. The company has also added a new education category within the Minecraft Marketplace, free of charge through June 30. Minecraft players can explore the International Space Station, wander through the inside of a human eye, learn what it's like to be a marine biologist and more. The world will be free to download through Jun. 30, 2020. Just look for the "free" tag.


Newsela is providing free access to its collections, including those for English language arts, social studies, science and social-emotional learning, through the 2019-2020 school year. Newsela is an instructional content platform that combines leveled content with integrated formative assessments, culled from sources that include the National Geographic, NASA,, Encyclopedia Britannica, the Washington Post and many others. Access can be by individual teacher for the class or district administrator for the whole district.


Quizlet Now, educators also can get free access to the premium version of the teacher subscription until Jun. 30, 2020.  Teachers also get access to advanced content creation tools, such as diagrams and audio, which enable them to create custom study materials for their classes.

Newspaper Archive

Newspaper Archive is offering free access for K-12 educators to its newspaper archives, to help students with research projects. The archives include newspapers dated from 1607 to 2020 from every state and from around the world. To set up an account, contact customer service.   


Ringbeller has begun releasing videos that have been available only for classroom use on YouTube for individual viewing. The videos, which are about five minutes long, are interviews with "remarkable" leaders who use "their imagination to make a difference," including a musician, a chef and an author. Students view them, then discussion questions pop up on the screen to help them connect what they've just seen with their own creative powers, followed by a collaborative activity using objects found around the house. 


Kahoot! has begun offering free access to the "premium" version of its game-based learning software.  


C-SPAN Classroom has removed the log-in and password requirements for all of the lesson plans and "bell ringers" on its website. Teachers and students can now access any resource on the site. With this new option, teachers can share direct links to those resources via email, social media or within their learning or classroom management systems. The company is also providing Zoom sessions on an individual basis to teachers who want to learn how to use the website and its resources most effectively.


The Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences and the Flipped Learning Global Initiative


Amazon Future Engineer  - free access to sponsored computer science courses in the United States, intended for independent learners in grades 6-12 and teachers who are remotely teaching this age group. 


Science News for Students has compiled COVID-19-specific content for students in grades 9-12. The organization, which is dedicated to expanding scientific literacy in schools, recently released the "Coronavirus Outbreak Collection," which includes articles and updates about the virus, freely available resources, and even advice on how to cope with social distancing. Educator resources for Science News in High Schools include 200-plus STEM-related exercises, connected to all of Science News articles for high schoolers. For younger students, Science News is promoting experiments that can be done by students at home; a weekly vocabulary lesson, "Scientists Say"; discussion questions, puzzlers and "Let's learn about," a new series that offers multiple stories on a given topic, among other resources.



Carnegie Learning's LONG + LIVE + MATH -- a free blend of textbook and software resources to help with math classes. These include math lessons, skills practice and learning videos for students in grades 6-12. The company is also offering free access to its math coaching software, MATHia, until the end of the school year. 


Casio --The company is providing free access to, a web-based calculator for calculations, graphing, geometry and statistics. There's also software to emulate Casio's most popular scientific and graphing calculators as well as downloadable calculator activities that teachers can assign for elementary, middle and high schools. 

Advanced Placement

The College Board is providing free learning opportunities for students preparing for their Advanced Placement exams, which are being delivered remotely in early May. The free help includes mobile-friendly AP review lessons delivered by AP teachers from a YouTube channel in recorded and live sessions. The online versions of the exams will take 45 minutes and can be done from home--for the first time--on a smartphone, tablet or computer. 


Girls Who Code has begun publishing free weekly activities--some online, some offline--as virtual curricula. The nonprofit, which focuses on encouraging female students to embrace technology-laden learning, has already released an activity for creating "binary bracelets," a lesson on programming a digital story with Scratch and a tutorial on creating tutorials in HTML and CSS.