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Gear Up Program


What is GEAR UP?

GEAR UP, a federally funded initiative, is aimed at helping students and their families begin now to prepare for college success.  Region One Education Service Center, with students, school teachers, administration, and school staff have already begun specific initiatives to help students prepare for education after high school graduation.

The goal of GEAR UP is to help students prepare for a high school pathway that leads to a college, university or technical school. Students will have an opportunity to participate in the following activities:

·       Presentations on study skills, organizational skills, career planning, goal setting, communication skills, financial literacy and leadership development.

·       Tutoring in academic areas such as ELA, math, science, and social studies, including Pre AP, AP, IB and early college credit courses.

·       Mentoring that offers guidance toward obtaining a college education.

·       Field trips to local universities, colleges, and technical institutions. (Virtual)

·       College admissions, entrance exams, financial aid awareness, and financial literacy for students and parents.