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Executive Leadership Committee

United ISD

  1. Roberto J. Santos, United Independent School District Superintendent
  2. David H. Gonzalez, Associate Supt. for Instruction
  3. Yesenia Sandoval, Early College High School Dean
  4. Claudia Gonzalez, Biotechnology and Life Sciences Innovative Academy Coordinator
  5. Armando Salazar, Lyndon B. Johnson Principal
  6. Dolores Barrera, Executive Director for High School
  7. David R. Canales, Executive Director for Middle School
  8. Dr. Alicia G. Carrillo,  Executive Director of Federal Programs
  9. Angie Sanchez, CTE Director
  10. Sylvia Garcia, Early College High School Counselor
  11. Clarissa Cardenas, Biotechnology and Life Sciences Innovative Academy Counselor
  12. Ramiro Veliz, III, UISD Board Member - District 4


Laredo College


  1. Dr. Ricardo Solis, LC President
  2. Dr. Marisela Rodriguez, Provost/Vice President Of Academic Affairs
  3. Dr. Fred Solis, Vice President of Student Success & Enrollment
  4. Roberto “Bobbie” Ochoa, Associate Vice President of Student Services
  5. Dr. Diana Miller, Dean of Health Sciences
  6. Dr. Horacio Salinas Jr., Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences
  7. Heriberto Hernandez, Senior Director of Workforce & South Campus
  8. Albert Hernandez, Senior Director of Dual Enrollment & Recruitment
  9. Arnulfo Trevino, Jr., Dual Enrollment & Recruitment Coordinator
  10. Roxana Castillo, Dual Enrollment Coordinator
  11. Jackie Ramos, LC Trustee


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